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Vol 9 2018
Vol 8 2017
Vol 7 2016
Vol 6 2015
Vol 5 2014
Vol 4 2013
Vol 3 2012
Vol 2 2011
Vol 1 2010
Research Section (1)
Cross-Border Landscape: Construction of Natural Heritage and Local Development at Bulgarian-Serbian Borderlands
Pages 159-184 
I. Markov
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Oral History
Belogradchik Missed the Opportunity to Become a University Town [In Bulgarian]
Pages 162-170 
V. Borisov
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Literary Section (1)
Bashovitsa - The Past Through My Eyes: Recollections and Reflections [In Bulgarian]
Pages 170-197 
V. Kachev
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Archives Section (1)
Belogradchik: Past and Present [In Bulgarian]
Pages 171-197 
K. Panov
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Traditional Bulgarian Hunter's Cuisine (Hunter's Cooking Book) [In Bulgarian]
Pages 174-234 
A. Petrushev
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Sur/Surva - the Forgotten God [In Bulgarian]
Pages 175-224 
G. Simeonova
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Commemorative Medals for the Wars 1912-1913 and 1915-1918 [In Bulgarian]
Pages 175-189 
E. Kozhuharova
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Egogo Alagiebo: The Portrait of an Oral Artist
Pages 180-199 
M. Ighile
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Borders of Identity: A Case Study - Village Slaveyno, Smolyan Municipality
Pages 185-212 
V. Kotseva
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Gardiner Soup Festival in Zlataritsa - Development of Cultural Tourism or Pre-elections Campaign: A Case Study
Pages 185-211 
M. Karamihova
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Belogradchik Soldiers' Rebellion in 1913 [In Bulgarian]
Pages 190-200 
B.V. Toshev
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Literary Section (2)
Poetry [In Bulgarian]
Pages 198-203 
V. Kachev
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Guide-Book of the Town of Belogradchik (1928) [In Bulgarian]
Pages 198-226 
N. Savchev
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About the Name Gatuliyya from the Map of al-Idrisi [In Bulgarian]
Pages 200-210 
J. Tabov
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The Conscription: School "For War"or School "For Peace"
Pages 201-208 
I. Valev
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The Village of Oreshets [In Bulgarian]
Pages 203-212 
R. Zaimova
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Distinguished People of Belogradchik: Zhelev, Mutafchiev, Karakashev, Ladozov, Stoychev, Savchev [In Bulgarian]
Pages 209-240 
B.V. Toshev
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Fragments of Our Freedom: Bulgaria in 2013 [In Bulgarian]
Pages 211-228 
N. Nikolov
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Turnovo Magazine Spiritual Perusal and the Formation of Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Ideology [In Bulgarian]
Pages 212-247 
P.S. Petkov
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Greek Death-Cult, Modern and Ancient: A Comparison of a Mediterranean and Balkan Cultural Pattern
Pages 213-255 
E.J. Håland
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