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Vol 11 2020
Vol 10 2019
Vol 9 2018
Vol 8 2017
Vol 7 2016
Vol 6 2015
Vol 5 2014
Vol 4 2013
Vol 3 2012
Vol 2 2011
Vol 1 2010
Research Section
The Historian Dr. Gantcho Tzenoff from the Village of Boynitsa [In Bulgarian]
Pages 314-329 
A. Moshev
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The Role of Religious Institutions and Organizations fot the Founding of Children's Summer Resorts in the First Half of the 20th Century
Pages 315-337 
R. Ilieva
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Archives Section
Chervenata stena [Red Mountain, Bitolya] (1931)[In Bulgarian]
Pages 316-323 
N. Grigorov
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On Both Sides of the Portal: Gender Attitudes to the Conscription during Socialism
Pages 322-338 
I. Valev
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Transcending the Versification of Oraliture: Song-Text as Oral Performance among the Ilaje
Pages 323-342 
N. Akingbe
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Postcards as a Source for Genealogical Studies [In Bulgarian]
Pages 324-373 
L. Uslowa
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Small Plastic Art from Belogradchik [In Bulgarian]
Pages 328-355 
A. Haralambiev
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In Focus of the Lens: Folk Costumes from the Region of Rousse [In Bulgarian]
Pages 329-359 
G. Simeonova
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Traditional Marriage Ceremonies among the Ibibio People of Nigeria: A Study of Theatrics
Pages 330-346 
Bassey Ubong
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Fatalism and Inaction Associations with the Romanian Ballad of the Little Ewe
Pages 332-341 
R. Silaghi-Dumitrescu
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Changing Communication Practices in the Context of Cross-Border Migration [In Bulgarian]
Pages 338-367 
D. Pileva
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Modernization and Emancipation: Masculine Women in the Communist World (Bulgarian Case 1944-1956)
Pages 339-353 
Z. Stoyanova
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About the Names Zagora and Bulgaria in the Middle Ages [In Bulgarian]
Pages 342-358 
J. Tabov
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Why Rajput Practice Exogamy: Anthropological Perspective
Pages 343-370 
D. Atifa
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The Amalgam of Real (Geographical) and Unreal (Tale-Mythical) Objects in the Universe of Spirit [In Bulgarian]
Pages 347-387 
G. Simeonova
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Simeon Hristov in Belogradchik [In Bulgarian]
Pages 351-362 
B.V. Toshev
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Ritual Purity Associated with Birth and Raising a Child
Pages 354-371 
I. Gancheva
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The First Evidence about the Meteorite of Belogradchik in Bulgarian Language (1874) [In Bulgarian]
Pages 356-359 
B.V. Toshev
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Awards for the Flag if the 15th Infantry Lom Regiment [In Bulgarian]
Pages 359-375 
E. Kozhuharova
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Sustaining the Heritage: Assessing the Aesthetics of Verbal Symbolisation and Signification in Idanre Orature
Pages 360-375 
Niyi Akingbe, Christopher Babatunde Ogunyemi, Abiola Akinkugbe
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