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Vol 9 2018
Vol 8 2017
Vol 7 2016
Vol 6 2015
Vol 5 2014
Vol 4 2013
Vol 3 2012
Vol 2 2011
Vol 1 2010
Research Section (1)
A Politics of Space and the Historical Transformation of Individuals: A Case Study of Bulgaria
Pages 65-106 
N. Nikolov
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Traditionalism as Source of Change: Ola Rotimi Kurunmi as an Epitome
Pages 68-89 
S. J. Ayodabo
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More Words about the Meteorite of Belogradchik [In Bulgarian]
Pages 69-80 
B.V. Toshev
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Family and Culture as Endemic Deterants Tilting the Gender Equilibrium - The Case of Ajay Mohan Jain's Novel "Nothing Can Be as Crazy..."
Pages 70-83 
N. Jain
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Research Section (2)
The First Literary Evidence about the Belogradchik Uprising: Skene (1854) [In Bulgarian]
Pages 78-93 
B.V. Toshev
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The Sundial of Belogradchik [In Bulgarian]
Pages 81-92 
Z.K. Hristov
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Between Iskar and Morava Rivers: Mediterranean Dacia and Roman Serdica Before Constantine the Great [In Bulgarian]
Pages 84-113 
V. Vatchkova
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The Torlaks Regional Identity(-ies) as a Motive for Cross-border Collaboration in Serbian-Bulgarian Border Zones
Pages 85-110 
D. Krstic
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St. George Feast: Relation to Eastern Legends and Cults [In Bulgarian]
Pages 90-120 
S. Rulinski
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A Conceptual Approach to the Study of Song and Music in Benin Society
Pages 93-111 
M. Ighile
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Akobe Eghian: The Portrait and Thematic Stature of an Oral Artist
Pages 93-112 
M. Ighile, E. Omorogbe
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A River Named Bulgaria [In Bulgarian]
Pages 94-117 
J. Tabov
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Deploying Myths through Facts and Fictions in the Struggle for Tanzanians' National Soul in Ebrahim N. Hussein's Kinjeketile
Pages 106-121 
S.O. Solanke
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The Women Ritual Processions "Lazarki" in Macedonia
Pages 107-127 
F. Petkovski
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Folk Narratives and the Reflection of (UTU) Humanness in Shaaban Robert Adili na Nduzuze
Pages 111-121 
J.P. Madoshi
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Bulgarian Toponyms as a Reflection of the Ancient Bulgarian Culture and Traditions [In Bulgarian]
Pages 112-127 
G. Simeonova
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Children Play War
Pages 113-132 
P. Bankova
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Archives Section (1)
A Sinister Find from Belogradchik [In Bulgarian]
Pages 113-119 
V. Atanassov
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Literary Section (2)
The Bulgarian Glory [In Bulgarian]
Pages 114-127 
V. Kachev
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Literary Section (3)
A Feast (Poem) [In Bulgarian]
Pages 118-121 
V. Kachev
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