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Venets, Volume 6, Number 1, 2015
Pages 1-8 
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Research Section
Why Sociology Is Silent Concerning Borders
Pages 9-32 
S.E. Nikolov
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The Wars as Chronological Limits in the Modern History of Bulgaria
Pages 33-48 
P.S. Petkov
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Imperial Limes - Projections in Medieval Imperial Idea
Pages 49-62 
Z.Z. Zhekov
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The Borders of "Shopluk" and/or Shops without Borders
Pages 63-84 
P. Hristov
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The Torlaks Regional Identity(-ies) as a Motive for Cross-border Collaboration in Serbian-Bulgarian Border Zones
Pages 85-110 
D. Krstic
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Research Section (2)
Folk Narratives and the Reflection of (UTU) Humanness in Shaaban Robert Adili na Nduzuze
Pages 111-121 
J.P. Madoshi
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New Information about the Stay of Colonel Kavarnaliev in Belogradchik
Pages 122-127 
B.V. Toshev
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Belogradchik in Art: Ivan Hristov
Pages 128-128 
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Venets, Volume 6, Number 2, 2015
Pages 129-136 
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Welcome to the Largest International Fair of the Balkans: The Borderli-ness of Kara Boaz Fair
Pages 137-158 
S. Antova
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Cross-Border Landscape: Construction of Natural Heritage and Local Development at Bulgarian-Serbian Borderlands
Pages 159-184 
I. Markov
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Borders of Identity: A Case Study - Village Slaveyno, Smolyan Municipality
Pages 185-212 
V. Kotseva
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Different Neighbors - Different Borders
Pages 213-228 
I. Eftimova
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Boundaries of a Roma Group: A Case Study
Pages 229-258 
M. Karamihova
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An Inquiry into Institutional Support for the Benin Video-Film Culture in Nollywood
Pages 259-279 
O.S. Omoera
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Belogradchik in Art (Dobri Dobrev)
Pages 280-280 
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Venets, Volume 6, Number 3, 2015
Pages 281-288 
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The Notions of "A Border", "A Foreign Country (Abroad)" and "A Foreigner": In the Relations between the USSR (Russia) and Bulgaria
Pages 289-308 
I. Sedakova
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The Electronic Agora of the British Society in Bulgaria
Pages 309-321 
D. Rangelova
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