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Vol 9 2018
Vol 8 2017
Vol 7 2016
Vol 6 2015
Vol 5 2014
Vol 4 2013
Vol 3 2012
Vol 2 2011
Vol 1 2010
Oral History
Shadows of Dark Past [In Bulgarian]
Pages 280-311 
A. Haralambiev
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Belogradchik in Art (Dobri Dobrev)
Pages 280-280 
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The 15th Infantry Regiment (Lomtsi) at Bukovo, Chegan and Chervenata stena [In Bulgarian]
Pages 281-291 
V. Shishkov
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Venets, Volume 6, Number 3, 2015
Pages 281-288 
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Archives Section (1)
Between Lom, Archar and Vitbol [In Bulgarian]
Pages 282-328 
F. Kanitz
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Pages from the Past: Part III [In Bulgarian]
Pages 283-331 
F. Stefanova - Strigacheva
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Zhivko and Nevena: A Poem (1916) [In Bulgarian]
Pages 286-313 
M. Gotchev
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Belogradchik in Art (Boris Denev)
Pages 288-288 
B.V. Toshev (ed.)
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Research Section (1)
The Notions of "A Border", "A Foreign Country (Abroad)" and "A Foreigner": In the Relations between the USSR (Russia) and Bulgaria
Pages 289-308 
I. Sedakova
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Venets, Volume 8, Number 3, 2017
Pages 289-292 
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In the Bowels of Magura (1927) [In Bulgarian]
Pages 292-322 
B. Bonchev
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Literary Section (1)
Poems [In Bulgarian]
Pages 293-302 
V. Kachev
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The Madonna of Belogradchik [In Bulgarian}
Pages 303-350 
G. Popov
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The Electronic Agora of the British Society in Bulgaria
Pages 309-321 
D. Rangelova
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Stone Wonders (1939) [In Bulgarian]
Pages 312-327 
K. Krastev
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The Historian Dr. Gantcho Tzenoff from the Village of Boynitsa [In Bulgarian]
Pages 314-329 
A. Moshev
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Chervenata stena [Red Mountain, Bitolya] (1931)[In Bulgarian]
Pages 316-323 
N. Grigorov
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On Both Sides of the Portal: Gender Attitudes to the Conscription during Socialism
Pages 322-338 
I. Valev
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Transcending the Versification of Oraliture: Song-Text as Oral Performance among the Ilaje
Pages 323-342 
N. Akingbe
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Postcards as a Source for Genealogical Studies [In Bulgarian]
Pages 324-373 
L. Uslowa
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