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Vol 11 2020
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Vol 1 2010
Venets, Volume 2, Number 1
Pages 1-4 
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Literary Section
Spring, Summer (Selected Poems from Venets)[In Bulgarian]
Pages 5-14 
D. Bozhkova
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Archives Section
Bloody Days [In Bulgarian]
Pages 15-49 
T. Minkov
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Oral History
Alexander Tomov (1930-2009): A Founder of the Astronomical Photoelectric Photometry in Bulgaria [In Bulgarian]
Pages 50-62 
N. Tomov
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Research Section
Urban Life: The First Car in Belogradchik [In Bulgarian]
Pages 63-69 
B.V. Toshev
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Family and Culture as Endemic Deterants Tilting the Gender Equilibrium - The Case of Ajay Mohan Jain's Novel "Nothing Can Be as Crazy..."
Pages 70-83 
N. Jain
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Between Iskar and Morava Rivers: Mediterranean Dacia and Roman Serdica Before Constantine the Great [In Bulgarian]
Pages 84-113 
V. Vatchkova
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Literary Section (2)
The Bulgarian Glory [In Bulgarian]
Pages 114-127 
V. Kachev
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Belogradchik in Art (Peter Morozov)
Pages 128- 
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Venets, Volume 2, Number 2
Pages 129-132 
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Belogradchik Mysteries: A Poetry [In Bulgarian]
Pages 133-169 
A. Kaltchev
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Bashovitsa - The Past Through My Eyes: Recollections and Reflections [In Bulgarian]
Pages 170-197 
V. Kachev
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Guide-Book of the Town of Belogradchik (1928) [In Bulgarian]
Pages 198-226 
N. Savchev
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Salient Themes as Voices in African Poetry
Pages 227-251 
C.B. Ogunyemi
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To the Centenary of the Union of Bulgarian Reading Clubs (Chitalishte) [In Bulgarian]
Pages 252-255 
V. Kachev
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Belogradchik in Art (Boris Kolev)
Pages 256- 
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Venets, Volume 2, Number 3
Pages 257-260 
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The Way to Home: A Poetry [In Bulgarian]
Pages 261-278 
V. Kachev
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Interview of Erika Lazarova with Borislav Toshev [In Bulgarian]
Pages 279-315 
E. Lazarova, B.V. Toshev
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Chervenata stena [Red Mountain, Bitolya] (1931)[In Bulgarian]
Pages 316-323 
N. Grigorov
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