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Venets, Volume 4, Number 1, 2013
Pages 1-4 
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Literary Section
Poetry and Family Photographs [In Bulgarian]
Pages 5-25 
E. Tosheva
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Archives Section
Colonel Stefan Ilieff [In Bulgarian]
Pages 26-36 
V. Dimov
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Research Section
From Mythology to History: The Transformation of the Symbols (Dragon, Giant, Authorized Person) Or Logical Change of the Prevailing Anthropomorphic Forms [In Bulgarian]
Pages 37-105 
G. Simeonova
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Deploying Myths through Facts and Fictions in the Struggle for Tanzanians' National Soul in Ebrahim N. Hussein's Kinjeketile
Pages 106-121 
S.O. Solanke
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First Record of the Search for Mineral Deposits in Belogradchik [In Bulgarian]
Pages 122-127 
B.V. Toshev
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Belogradchik in Art (Gurko Jossifov)
Pages 128-128 
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Venets, Volume 4, Number 2, 2013
Pages 129-132 
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Magic Belogradchik: A Poetry [In Bulgarian]
Pages 133-145 
L. Biliarska
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Oral History
The Tubes [In Bulgarian]
Pages 146-153 
K. Kirilov
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Biography of Colonel Stefan Iliev (1930)[In Bulgarian]
Pages 154-179 
E. Kozhuharova
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Egogo Alagiebo: The Portrait of an Oral Artist
Pages 180-199 
M. Ighile
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About the Name Gatuliyya from the Map of al-Idrisi [In Bulgarian]
Pages 200-210 
J. Tabov
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Fragments of Our Freedom: Bulgaria in 2013 [In Bulgarian]
Pages 211-228 
N. Nikolov
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Military Honors of Colonel Stefan Iliev [In Bulgarian]
Pages 229-243 
E. Kozhuharova
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A Letter by Ivan Savov to Hristo Chernopeev (1898) [In Bulgarian]
Pages 244-248 
B.V. Toshev
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New Book by Valentin Kachev [In Bulgarian]
Pages 249-255 
B.V. Toshev
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Belogradchik in Art (Ivan Shikerov)
Pages 256-256 
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Venets, Volume 4, Number 3, 2013
Pages 257-260 
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Poetry and Art from Belogradchik [In Bulgarian]
Pages 261-270 
N. Mladenova
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