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Venets: The Belogradchik Journal for Local History, Cultural Heritage and Folk Studies, Volume 5, Number 3, 2014
Pages 257-260 
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Literary Section (1)
Song Bare Feet [In Bulgarian]
Pages 261-279 
R. Pankova-Karadjov
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Oral History
Shadows of Dark Past [In Bulgarian]
Pages 280-311 
A. Haralambiev
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Archives Section (1)
Stone Wonders (1939) [In Bulgarian]
Pages 312-327 
K. Krastev
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Small Plastic Art from Belogradchik [In Bulgarian]
Pages 328-355 
A. Haralambiev
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Research Section (1)
The First Evidence about the Meteorite of Belogradchik in Bulgarian Language (1874) [In Bulgarian]
Pages 356-359 
B.V. Toshev
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The Writers of Belogradchik: Ignat P. Daskalov [In Bulgarian]
Pages 360-371 
B.V. Toshev
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New Information for Stay of Colonel Kavarnaliev in Belogradchik and the Tragic Fate of Two Friends and Their Families [In Bulgarian]
Pages 372-379 
V. Toshev
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Literary Section (2)
Poems, Devoted to People of Belogradchik [In Bulgarian]
Pages 380-393 
Z. Petrova
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Holy Places and Pilgrimage in the Post-Socialist Bulgaria (Karamihova, 2014) [In Bulgarian]
Pages 394-399 
S. Antova
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Belogradchik in Art: Ivan Hristov
Pages 400-400 
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